Quali-T-Group traces its roots back to the 1909 incorporation of Talarico Ltd. in Montreal. Originally a small tinsmithing company run by two brothers, Giacomo and Dominic, Talarico Ltd. produced galvanized pails and chimney pipe for sale to local hardware stores.

The second generation, Frank and Joe, split the business into two parts in 1951. Frank launched Bond Metal Finishers, a custom hot-dip galvanizing operation, and Joe continued Talarico Ltd., doing business in the H.V.A.C. industry to this day. In 1969 Bond Metal acquired the assets of Laval Fence Inc., an integrated manufacturer of chain link fence products and thus began the company’s future as a manufacturer.

In 1978 the third generation took control and in 1981 Frank Jr. purchased Conduits Condel, expanding the now renamed BMF Groupe into the manufacture of steel tubing. This remains the core business of Quali-T-Group to this day. BMF Groupe carried various product lines such as jackposts, with other products added and deleted as time went by. In 1993 the company acquired Erection Rapid and entered into the scaffolding industry with markets both in Canada and the United States.

In 2008 the company proudly welcomed Giancarlo Talarico, the fourth generation and future of Quali-T-Group. He was recently joined by his brother, Francesco. With over 100 years of experience, the Talarico brothers and their team are committed to continued growth and success based on satisfying the needs of their constantly expanding customer base.